Blaine is a White Rowdyruff made to be Bell's counterpart and partner.


Blaine is the same height and age as Brick, Boomer and Butch. He has stark white hair, bunched up in a Black Headband. He wears the same black uniform the boys are currently wearing.


When the Rowdyruff's refused to join the Darkstar Council, Dr. X Sought to create a vastly more powerful Rowdyruff who would be their superior in everyway. Blaine is 100 times worse then Rowdyruff's used to be. He's sadistic, egomaniacal, violence hungry and will fight as dirty as possible to win. Blaine takes great joy in fighting opponents his equal and psychotic delight in torturing anyone weaker then he is and wreaking untold destruction. He can't stand losing. While Blaine is loyal only to Dr. X and is greatly annoyed by Bell and can't stand her girlish crush, He does seem to value her.


Blaine is actually a fan idea. So he hasn't really been thought up by Bleedman.

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