Do I make myself clear?
— Dr. Brisbaine to Boomer.
Dr. John Brisbaine
Doc john
Im sorry what happened to your daughter it was an accident did this to my boys,im very-very sorry for that.
Full Name Dr. John Brisbaine
Origin Original character,PPGD chapter 3
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Family Rowdyruff Boys (Adoptive sons)
Friends Weasel,Dr. Ghastly
Occupation(s) Doctor

Chef Director of PROJECT ROWDY

Residence Megaville or Nevada

Dr. John Brisbaine is a Scientist and Adoptive-father of the Boys from Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi.


Dr. Brisbaine had only made one appearance. He is the creator of PROJECT ROWDY. He resurrected the Rowdyruff Boys and trains them to get stronger. The objective of himself and PROJECT ROWDY is unknown.



  • He could have some relation with Dr. X, speculation goes around that he is either his older brother or alter ego (i hope not).
  • He and the Rowdyruff Boys don't have new appearence yet since chapter 3.
  • Is is safe to assume that Brisbaine adopted the Rowdyruff Boys, just like HIM did afer Mojo.

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