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HELLO! WELCOME to the Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi WIKI where you can ADD,Search,Discuss and Blog about the PPGD comics by Vinson Ngo a.k.a. Bleedman
This wiki contains spoilers. Continue on at your own risk.

note: This not includes Fan-based fanon Articles here.

This Wiki is created as am INDIPENDENT Quick-wiki search for the Characters,Items (such as Objects,Gadgets,Food items ETC),Location and many-many more Related articles to the PPGD Webcomics based on Snafu-Comics pages (as Source). However this page needs a lot of Expansion of more Article pages. Our first priority is to Add all the official CANON Articles (This not includes FANON),update and complete it before adding other Articles,Fan-fictions or Blogs HERE.

Following RULES

  1. For the sake of the PAGE,Do not add some un-official Fanon Articles; BEFORE you add some Fanon here let me Remind you, That this wiki needs to be updated by Adding some official CANON Articles, you can do that on your BLOG post before adding as Fanon page here.
  2. Photo Gallery; This wiki alows you to Add some photos both related to PPGD and PPGD FanArts,but please don't upload LEWD or H photos or I'll BAN you! (Seriously)
  3. No NEGATIVE Comments; We respect your Opinion but please no Foul words for the SAKE of PPGD wiki, Don't you dare to TYPE it!
  4. Update; Please try to Update and EDIT some official Articles on this wiki DO NOT ADD FANON Articles There's no way to add them or maybe it is not possible to include them to the SERIES.
  5. Do not ADD related to the Comics such as Sugar Bits,Grim Tales or  IZMD (Invader Zim: Manifest Doom) such as: Characters,Objects or ETC
  6. Any un-related Articles are all gonna deleted once it was SPOTTED.

Featured Articles


Blossom Utonium


Bubbles Utonium


Buttercup Utonium


Dexter McPherson


Dee Dee McPherson


Boomer of the Rowdyruffs (to be added).


Bell X.

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Olga (to be added).


Characters list

Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi

Powerpuff_Girls_Doujinshi (to be added).

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