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Prof. Membraine

Professor Membrane is a minor character of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi.


He is first mentioned in the story by Dib to Bubbles and Jenny. Later, he appears at the science fair along with Professor Utonium and Nora Wakeman.


Dib is the son of Membrane and tries to be a good father for him next to being a scientist.

Gaz is the daughter of Memebrane and tries to be a good father for her too next to being a scientist.

Professor Utonium is the partner of him and makes great inventions with him.

Nora is the partner of him and makes great inventions with her.


Membrane is a scientist who hosts the popular television show Probing the Membrane of Science and is the father of Dib and Gaz. Membrane's scientific abilities are offset by incredibly poor parenting: his primary method of managing his children is by way of a floating digital projection screen-and his messages to them are often not only prerecorded, but woefully out of date. He has sometimes urged Dib to give up on the paranormal and focus on "real science". His scientific achievements can range from useful to bizarre, ranging from restoring power during a blackout to "SuperToast".

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