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Sensei Jack is one of the main characters from Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. He is the martial arts instructor, and a gym, history and hieroglyphics teacher of the Megaville Elementary. He is originated from the Cartoon Network series Samurai Jack.


He first appeared when he interupted the fight between the Powerpuff Girls and Bell He was first meant to punish them, but since the girls were new he let it pass, gave love the responsability for being their official guide and later introduced Courage to the girls especially Bubbles. bell then told them about Jack being a well respected teacher and for him being a samurai. When the girls and bell

were fighting about brick Jack saved them. He soon appeared being surrounded by his fan club and was talking to He didn't appear for awhile until went to his School Dojo to practice the steps of him under him. But bubbles because was very agressive Jack asked Professor Utonium to come to him to talk about The professor and Jack decided that Courage had to stay with and take notes of what she is doing. Later he had to sell snacks along with bubbles and Courage at the science fair, but when the Cluster invaded the science fair Jack helped to evacuate the people. He fought along with Buttercup against the winner from blossom He then fight with brute but wasn't fighting with all his strength Brute being a child. He was soon electrocuted and had his katana stolen, while he was unconscious both from Samantha. When brute fled blossom chased her to get the katana back, while Mrs. Honeydew and Bubbles help carry Jack to safety.

The Grim Tales From Down BelowEdit

He is one of the fallen heroes.who died in the Battle of Megaville


Courage was brought to Jack by Muriel and he had taken care of him since Muriel didn't came back to pick Courage up.

Buttercup is secretly in love with butch no jack he doesn't know that. Buttercup and Butch both went to the science fair to sell snacks.

The professor and Jack met each other when Buttercup came into trouble and they immidiatly became friends.

Aku is the main antoganist of Samurai Jack, although he hesn't appeared in the story he does have been featured in character art.